At Camp Strawderman we want your daughter’s stay with us to be a healthy one, where she is able to participate in everything that Strawderman has to offer her. To that end, we provide the following:

A qualified RN is on site 24 hours a day to meet your daughter’s health needs and there is a Nurse Practitioner available for appointments as needed. In addition, emergency facilities are readily available at Shenandoah Memorial Hospital in Woodstock, Virginia.

There are also a few things that you can do to help us provide the best care possible for your daughter while she is a camper at Strawderman. We ask for your cooperation in providing us the following important information.

Medical Information Required:

The information, requested below, is strictly required to insure that your camper – and all campers – enjoy a happy, healthy stay at Strawderman. Please bring the following information and materials with you on Check-In Day:

  1. Health Forms
    Click here to complete Required Health Forms. . You will be asked to provide specific information regarding your child’s medical history, allergies, etc. Please answer all questions.
  2. Instructions for Medical Providers
    A medical provider (Physician, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician’s Assistant) should complete the medical examination information which you will find near the end of the online form. Please print this form and give it to your child’s Primary Care Provider (PCP) or the Medical Provider who completes the examination. The medical examination form must be completed within the last 12 months. (The child’s PCP will be the best option for the examination as the PCP will have the child’s immunization records, but a licensed healthcare provider from another office (i.e., Urgent Care) may complete the examination form, as long as the immunization record is provided.)
  3. Immunization Records
    Please have the Medical Provider include a copy of the child’s immunization record.
  4. Health Insurance Card
    Please make 1 copy of both the front and back of your Child’s Health Insurance card. IE: BlueCross Blue Shield or United Health Care as examples.

Instructions Regarding Forms:

  1. WHEN CHECKING YOUR CAMPER IN ON HER FIRST DAY, make sure you have with you the doctor’s portion of the Health Form (the certificate you have downloaded from the website and had filled out), immunization records, and the child’s commercial health Insurance card, copied front and back.
  2. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL the required forms and information. Bring them with you to Camp Strawderman along with any medications your child will receive at camp. All of this information will be reviewed and discussed with the Camp RN when your child is registered so the nurse has a full understanding of medications or any other needs your child may have while at camp.

Regarding Your Camper’s Medications:

  1. Medications are kept safely locked in the Infirmary and will be dispensed by our RN per your physician’s instructions.
  2. Medications are NEVER allowed in the cabin or outside the Infirmary, except in very rare instances (i.e. rescue inhaler) with explicit instructions from your physician.
  3. Please label all medication appropriately; we will not dispense medication labeled for another camper, (i.e. siblings may not share).
  4. Do not send any medication to camp with your daughter that is not listed on the Health Certificate. If your child requires any medication during camp (prescription or over-the-counter), it must be brought to check-in on the first day of camp.
  5. Prescription medications must be in their original containers from the pharmacy with your daughter’s name shown clearly. We will not dispense medications from boxes, baggies, Pill dispensers or envelopes.
  6. Camp Strawderman has a stock supply of routinely needed non-prescription medications which are listed on the Health Certificate for your approval. If there is an OTC medication that you do not want your child to have, please cross out on the form.

Emergencies/Doctor Appointments:

In case your daughter needs medical or dental attention at a facility outside the camp setting, we will make such appointments and a staff member will transport and chaperone her to the appointment. You will be notified by an Infirmary staff member if this becomes necessary. You will be notified immediately of any injuries or illnesses.

Lice Guidelines:
Another challenge of living in close quarters is the quick and easy spread of head lice. All campers will have a head lice check on arrival to Camp Strawderman. Please encourage your child not to share hair brushes, combs, riding helmets, etc.

We will keep your daughter’s health care information confidential. Only those staff members who need to know of your daughter’s health care concerns will be informed.