At Camp Strawderman we want your daughter’s stay with us to be a healthy one, where she is able to participate in everything that Strawderman has to offer. To that end, we provide a 24/7 nurse on staff at camp.  In addition, we have a nurse practitioner for appointments as necessary.  Shenandoah Memorial Hospital in Woodstock, VA is our nearest medical facility, located about 20 minutes from camp.

All medical forms can be found on the CampMinder software, once you have registered.  Please note that all forms MUST be completed prior to arrival at camp.

Emergencies/Doctor Appointments:

In case your daughter needs medical or dental attention at a facility outside the camp setting, we will make such appointments and a staff member will transport and chaperone her to the appointment. You will be notified by an Infirmary staff member if this becomes necessary. You will be notified immediately of any injuries or illnesses.

Lice Guidelines:
Another challenge of living in close quarters is the quick and easy spread of head lice. All campers will have a head lice check on arrival to Camp Strawderman. Please encourage your child not to share hair brushes, combs, riding helmets, etc.