Dates & Rates

Summer 2021: June 20-August 14

The full camp season is eight weeks, and campers who stay for the entire season have a wonderful experience. However, the program is also arranged so that campers who want a shorter time may come for two, four, or six weeks and have an equally wonderful time. Cabin preference is determined by the length of stay and the date of registration, therefore it is important to register as soon as possible. Daily riding includes six lessons per week and all trail rides. Jumping will be charged at an additional cost of $20 per lesson.


A one- week option for 6 to 9 year olds who may not be quite ready for a full 2 week stay, but who are ready to start coming to camp now. These girls will be in a cabin and follow the same program as the other girls their age. And if they are simply having too much fun to leave at the end of their week, you have the option of adding the second week at that time.

  • Dates
    • June 20-27
    • August 1-August 8
  • Rates
    • $1,240 (riding or no riding)
    • Provided there is space, you may extend the mini session for another week for an additional $950 (no riding) or $1,130 (riding.)


  • Dates
    • June 20-July 4
    • July 4-July 18
    • July 18-August 1
    • August 1-August 14
  • Rates
    • $2,190 (no riding)
    • $2,370 (riding)


  • Dates
    • June 20-July 18
    • July 4-August 1
    • July 18-August 14
  • Rates
    • $3,760 (no riding)
    • $4,120 (riding)


  • Dates
    • June 20-August 1
    • July 4-August 14
  • Rates
    • $5,490 (no riding)
    • $6,030


  • Dates
    • June 20-August 14
  • Rate
    • $7,110
    • $7,830

A non-refundable registration fee of $350, applicable to the camp fee, must be sent in with the registration. The balance of the camp fee is required by May 30th. Laundry will be charged to the camper’s account at the rate of $2.00 per pound. Store treats are included in the camp fee.

Campers are encouraged to keep only enough money in their cabins for the drink machines.

If a girl has registered and reserved a place in camp for a certain length of time and withdraws before the end of that time for any reason except illness of the camper and at the advice of a physician, no part of the camp fee is refunded.

The camp reserves the right to dismiss, without refund of fees, any girl whose influence is bad or who refuses to comply with camp regulations.


Any returning camper will receive a 5% discount for each new camper she refers! And there is a 50% discount for a third child in the same family.

Click here to download a camper application.

You may contact our Director, Jeanne Mockard at [email protected]