Jeanne Mockard began her Strawderman career in 1973 at the age of ten. She has hiked every trail, worn every costume in the costume room, ridden countless horses, and was the SCS girl twice. She worked as a counselor for several years during college, and continued to stay involved throughout her adult life, including serving on the Camp Strawderman Board of Directors for many years before she was elected Director.

When she was not at camp, she had a successful career in finance, specifically as a senior fund manager for Putnam Investments. Currently, she sits as the investment expert on two Insurance Company Boards. She also serves on two non-profit boards where she oversees their investment portfolios.

Jeannie’s lifelong and loyal relationship with the Strawderman family, her business and leadership skills combined with a quick wit and a love for children make her the perfect fit for this position. Jeanne is excited to have this opportunity, and those of you who know Jeanne well know that she wants, more than anything, to carry on the ideals and traditions that make Strawderman a magical summertime home.