The Strawderman Staff, Board of Directors, and medical team have devised a plan based on research, COVID guidelines, and studying camps who opened successfully in 2020.  We are working steadily to figure out the fine details, and we will keep you informed as they develop.   Our plan for opening camp and staying open is below.  Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, but one to give the main ideas of how we will stay safe and still have a wonderful summer:

  • All campers, staff, and senior staff (OG’s) will self-quarantine before arriving at camp.  This will include taking and logging a daily temperature check.  The log must be brought to camp at check-in.
  • All campers, staff, and senior staff must receive a COVID test three to five days before coming to camp.  Proof of negative result must be provided at check-in.
  • Check-in at camp will be done at the front road.  Parents and campers will be met by counselors and medical staff, who will streamline the process.  Parents will not exit the car, and campers will be taken into camp with their luggage by camp staff.  First-year parents will be given the opportunity to drive through camp when dropping off their child.

Once camp is open, we will create a ‘bubble.’

  • For the first ten days, cabin groups will operate in pods, wearing masks.  No pod will interact with another pod during this time. Eating will be outdoors as long as weather is cooperative.  In case of bad weather, pods will eat in their cabin. We will be strictly enforcing this and scheduling programming and activities around the need to stay separate.
  • If, after ten days, no one has been infected with COVID, then all campers, staff, and senior staff will be able to interact normally, mask-free.  If someone in a pod should become sick with COVID, then everyone in that pod will be tested for COVID, and their pod will remain separate from the rest of camp until a new ten to fourteen day period with no new illness is confirmed.
  • Every camper must be able to be picked up from camp if necessary within twenty-four hours.
  • Once camp opens, NO camper, counselor, staff, or senior staff will be allowed to leave for any reason.  If someone must leave, they will not be allowed to return.
  • We will not be able to allow any parents, friends, or alumnae to visit.
  • Specific protocol regarding maintenance staff and kitchen staff is currently being developed.
  • Specific cleaning protocol is currently being developed.
  • There will be a separate cabin for any camper(s) who have any COVID symptoms.  Regular medical needs (medicines, cuts and scrapes, etc.,) will be treated at the regular infirmary.
  • Our medical staff will continue to develop specific medical COVID protocol.