Typical Day

7AM: Rising bell, followed by colors, raising of the flag, and a hearty breakfast.

8:15AM: Cabin duties, where each camper shares in a rotation of tasks, which helps keep her cabin neat!

9AM: Morning activities including classes in riding, swimming, tennis, archery, arts & crafts, loom beading, and dance.

12 NOON: Grooming, choir practice

12:30PM: Lunch, followed by visits to the camp store.

2PM: Rest hour

3PM: Recreational Activities, which campers signed up for at breakfast. A perennial favorite is DIP, a supervised free swim. Others opt for jumping, trail rides, archery, tennis, arts & crafts, hiking, dance, and more.

4:30PM: Free hour during which campers get to relax in their cabins, recount the day’s adventures with each other, or write home about them to family.

5:30PM: Dinner bell calls all campers to gather at the flagpole for colors followed by dinner in the Dining Hall. It’s not unusual during mealtime for ‘Sing-offs’ to erupt in good-natured, musical rivalry between cabins. Thursday and Sunday nights, however, are reserved for “Supper Hikes” and dinner in the great outdoors.

6:30 PM: Supervised recreation for young campers, group games, cabin time, and more!

8PM: Campfire – a time when everyone gathers in the rec hall to sing favorite Strawderman Camp Songs and enjoy a skit put on by one of the cabins.

9PM: Goodnight Circle– campers and counselors join hands under the setting sun and sing a song marking the end of the day before heading back to their cabins.

9:30PM: Taps and lights out. After a stirring rendition of taps performed by one of our staff (live, not recorded!), everyone says good night, tired from a full day, and excited about what the new day may bring.