More Sports, Arts, and Other Activities


Archery has always been offered at Strawderman, but ever since the Hunger Games series, archery has become wildly popular here! Lessons are taught at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels and all archers are instructed in safety, care of equipment, and skill improvement. Campers thrill at their growing prowess in bow alignment, draw length, release, and target shooting. There is also a scheduled Archery Tournament in which our Bowgirls can show off their archery skills and compete for ribbons.


Tennis instruction is offered at all levels from beginners to advanced and follow U.S.T.A. guidelines. Classes consist of everything from basic instruction on strokes to rigorous drills and includes plenty of fun and games for the younger girls.  Campers enjoy both singles and doubles and compete in tournaments throughout the summer.


Campers of all ages learn routines and dances of varying styles and cultures, culminating in a final Dance Show. Aerobics is also taught as part of the dance program. The season culminates in a final Dance Show.


Girls who enjoy singing choral music will want to join one of our two choirs (Senior and Junior). Our choirs, non-auditioned and open to all, sing at Sunday services in our own open Chapel in the Pines. There is no more beautiful sound than the harmonious voice of our choirs as it is carried across our valley every week.


We offer riders ten years of age and older the opportunity to take an active role in the care and feeding of our stable of horses by learning grooming and horse care. Grooming is a chance for young campers to become familiar and comfortable around these magnificent animals, which – by the end of session – become more like “big pets” to many of the girls. Ribbons for grooming are awarded at every horse show.


Classes teach the basics of Yoga. Girls of all ages and ability learn classic yoga postures with focus on alignment principles and breathing techniques in a relaxing open-air class with a view of the surrounding mountains.